IPS - Why you should choose us for your Automation Company

Industrial Power Solutions is the only company of its kind that will earn your respect by employing these unique disciplines:

Innovative Custom Automation Solutions SM

There are others who can retro-fit solutions, but only IPS takes a complete audit of your project goals, and custom designs a plan to achieve them. In many cases, we create systems that have never existed before, because we ask the right questions and then we don’t limit our capabilities just because it’s a different or daunting task.

Field to Office Customer Approach SM

Many in our industry are “office-heavy”, meaning they employ a robust sales and management team, and then sub-contract designers, builders, electricians and so on. Our structure is quite the opposite. Our experts are field-tested warriors that know how to think on their feet and get the job done right, while our office is quite light. We know the key to our clients’ success is having top talent on our payroll, giving them a vested interest in your success.

More Parts, Better People, Quicker Turn SM

We take great pride in being able to turn jobs of any size faster than our competition. How? By making sure we have more on-hand stock components available than other companies. Plus, we make sure we employ exceptional designers, builders, installers and electricians who have a great work ethic, giving IPS the edge every time.

The Electrical & Engineering Dovetail SM

Bridging the electrical and engineering aspects in the automation industry has always been a challenge. You’re either strong in one or the other. But not at IPS. We’ve recognized this as a key to making sure our automated systems work from the flip of the switch, to years down the road without a hitch.