IPS - History of our Automation and Controls Company

Lucas Bruxvoort began his career managing electrical, instrumentation and controls projects of various sizes for other companies throughout the southwest.

During this time, he learned that clients would much rather contract one trusted company that can take their projects from inception through completion, including installation. It’s all too common to hire one company to design and build, another to do the electrical and then another to install, test and commission. Efficiencies and quality control are lost in translation between fabrication and installation because each contractor functions independently. Not only so, but the time-line gets stretched, along with the clients’ patience.

Then in 2008, Lucas decided to change this paradigm, founding Industrial Power Solutions with a simple mission: to work hand-in-hand with clients to create innovative automation solutions from start to finish. Today, Industrial Power Solutions has enjoyed great success with a number of long-term clients who consider IPS a fundamental part of their company’s success.